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    WHY CRY?


    There is product name, ‘Why Cry’. This is a baby cry analyzer which is preferred by mothers. It was invented in Spain when the inventor observed mothers having trouble when they didn’t know why their babies were crying. After three years of extensive research, now it has over 90 percent accuracy. It means that if we put the machine next to the crying baby, it will tell us whether the baby is hungry, sleeping, annoyed, or bored. This will help to provide for the baby’s need quickly. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if there was a machine that could analyze our minds?





    Philosopher Aristotle, who is famous for teaching Alexander the Great, said, “The human being continuously pursues happiness, and it becomes the ultimate goal of their life.” As he said, many people want to be happy and they are also trying to achieve it. However, in reality, there are so many people who are in misfortune. A more serious issue is people do not know why they are in trouble. Commonly, an abundance of material objects are thought to increase the happiness index. However, WHO (World Health Organization) reported that the suicide rate is higher among the rich than the poor; which defies common sense. 



    Tong-Jeuk-Bul-Tong Bul-Tong-Jeuk-Tong


    The herbal medical doctor Hur Jun published a medical handbook called Dong-E-Bo-Gam in the year 1610. In his book he said, ‘Tong-Jeuk-Bul-Tong Bul-Tong-Jeuk-Tong’, meaning if it flows, it isn’t sore but if it doesn’t flow, it will be painful. Even western medicine says, ‘All diseases originated from congestion or static, and all remedies are based on circulation.’ So does the mind. If the mind flows, it doesn’t have problems, but if it gets congested it will have problems. But then why does the mind get congested and how can we fix it?  



    Man and Melons are Hard to Know


    In Korea is an old saying, ‘Man and melons are hard to know.’ Sometimes, we get lost when we do not know the way. Just like this, if we do not know the mind, there is no communication, no control, and no peace of mind. Therefore, psychiatrists or therapists try to understand what’s in a patient’s mind first. In 1982, Carl Ransom Rogers was distinguished as ‘The most influential psychologist’. He was widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research. Rogers' theory of the self is considered to be humanistic and phenomenological. He believed that men are kind, but he failed to prove his theory due to changes in personality and psychological disorders.



    Changed Jennifer


    “Why is your heart so hard like a rock?”

    “Teacher, why are you trying to poke the rock with a toothpick? Just leave me alone.”

    In the American IYF World Camp, one teacher could not control a student, Jennifer, who was always alone. So the teacher arranged a meeting between Jennifer and Pastor Ock Soo Park. Jennifer was betrayed by someone she believed in, so she was heartbroken. Pastor Park advised her, ‘Even if you lost your family by fire and your house by water, you have to use fire and water. As it is, you have to share your mind with others, even if you were hurt by people.’ After the meeting, she changed her mind and lived a different life. 



    The Best Mind Educator


    Why do so many heartbroken people get changed after meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park? Because he is a pastor who cares about others’ minds the most. In his life as pastor for 50 years, he walked with the Lord who created men and Who cares about men’s minds the most. Also, he lived in the world of the mind and as a counselor as described in the Bible. This is why it is natural to introduce Pastor Park as the best mind educator of the age.  



    Moving Souls by Mind Mentoring or Mind Mentoring Moves the Soul


    “The mind is the most important because everything is determined by the mind. However, people do not know the constitution of the mind so they do not know how to control it.”

    “There is a flow of the mind like the flow of a river.”

    “We feel misfortune when our heart does not flow with others.”

    “Our heart opens as we love.”

    “The new life gets started when our mind is connected to others.”

    With Pastor OcK Soo Park’s collective mentoring he is trying to guide many people to true happiness, and this section will help you to put all the pieces of the happiness puzzle together. We hope that true happiness will be engraved in all readers’ hearts once the puzzle is completed.





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