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    Anak’s touching lyrics

    Freddie Aguilar is a folk musician from the Philippines. He is well known internationally and is famous as one of the best musician of the Philippines. Realizing and regretting his mistakes, he composed “Anak” (Filipino for child), a remorseful song expressing apology to his parents in 1978. This song was released in 56 countries, in more than 26 different languages, has sold more than 10 million copies, and has become the highest-selling record of Philippine music history. The music critics analyzed this fame and say that it came not only from beautiful melodies, but also from its message about the strength of parental love, which aroused most parents’ sympathy.

    Below are the lyrics of the introduction.



    Why do you find them wrong?

    When you were born into this world
    Your mom and dad saw a dream fulfilled
    Dream come true, the answer to their prayers
    You were to them a special child
    Gave 'em joy every time you smiled
    Each time you cried, they're at your side to care
    Child, you don't know, you'll never know how far they'd go
    To give you all their love can give
    To see you through and God it's true
    They'd die for you, if they must, to see you here
    How many seasons came and went
    So many years have now been spent
    For time ran fast and now at last you're strong
    Now what has gotten over you
    You seem to hate your parents too
    Do speak out your mind, why do you find them wrong



    Society without training of the heart

    The hearts of parents toward their children are similar in any era or country. In an old Korean saying, “The children would not hurt the parents’ eyes even if they get into their eyes”. This metaphor expresses how much parents love their children; for the sake of their children, they would do anything. In particular, Korean parents give their all under the guise of their children’s future in the highly competitive Korean society. Early education, ranging from English to computer education, and in recent times, popularity of brain education has become a hot issue among parents. What, however, is the education that children really need? Pastor Ock Soo Park believes in mind training specialists for all ages and constantly emphasizes the importance of mind training.



    Mind training to dampen desire

     “I learned from the Bible in order for children to live happily they must grow their strength to suppress their desires. At an early age, they are satisfied with candies or ice creams, but their desire grows bigger as they grow up. If parents’ cannot fulfill their desires, then the life of the children will be full of complaints and accusations. This is the reason why children need training to dampen their desire. When my children were young, they used to ask me to buy them something, but I would not give them all they asked for on purpose. Naturally, parents want to give their children everything they want and see them happy, and additionally, parents feel bad if they cannot provide for their children. This is the natural heart of parents, but if parents fulfill their children’s every desire, then the children will become trouble makers.” (“Who Are You That Is Dragging Me?” pg69~71, Author Pastor Ock Soo Park)



    Thank you for raising me this way

    “When my son was studying in the USA, he would express sometimes his heart and say to me, ‘Father, thank you so much for raising me this way. If you hadn’t dampened my heart, I would live my life suffering just like my friends’. My son saw many students suffer from not being able to control themselves that ended up taking drugs. Dampening the children’s heart is the most important thing in child education. If parents do not know the world of the heart, all they want to do is be good to their children. Furthermore, there aren’t many parents who will try to control their children’s heart; rather they just want to raise their children to be great. If there is a youth who did not learn to control their heart, they must learn how to control their heart even now.” (“Who Are You That Is Dragging Me?” pg72, 73, Author Pastor Ock Soo Park)



    Disabled of the heart

    Recently, many press reports deal with the issue of the ‘Breakdown of teacher’s authority.’ Last April at a high school in Ul-San, one student used a cellular phone during class, and the teacher confiscated the cellular phone. After class, the student went to the staff room and attacked the teacher, and the teacher was hospitalized for eight weeks. Also, at an elementary school in Seoul, a sixth grade student was scolded by the teacher for being loud during class. The student severely abused the teacher. In addition, last May at a junior high school in Jeon-Ju, the student hit the teacher’s head three times after the student was warned to be quiet during class time. Such behavior has put teachers in the situation of being unable to discipline, thus leaving students alone. This is a serious issue; this will lead the students to have a disabled heart. Just as a person whose hand is paralyzed has a disabled hand, if one cannot bend their heart, they have a disabled heart.





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