• When Your Heart is Humbled through Pain



    Polyphenol, a pollution incinerator in our body


    The main culprit for cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, stoke, myocardial infarction, hepatitis, atopy, Parkinson’s, etc. and all sorts of diseases as well as aging is due to the excess production of reactive oxygen species. Polyphenol is the antioxidant that is able to get rid of the harmful oxygen called “body pollution” and is created inside plants. When harmful conditions, such as the wind or strong sunlight, come to animals they are able to avoid it as they move, however, plants must endure all the detrimental circumstances and therefore are able to make protective agents like polyphenol.



    Also, fruits and vegetables grown inside greenhouses may be larger in size and better to look at, but the amount of polyphenol produced is much smaller than fruits and vegetables grown in the wild. As expected, fruits that are grown in orchards, finely wrapped in white sacks, contain very little polyphenol. The area with the highest concentration of polyphenol is known to be in the skin of the fruits. In others words, the more harsh the environment the more polyphenol is produced.



    The Quality Material of Designer Violins, “Kneeling Trees”


    Across the vast distance of 4,800 km from West Canada to the United States is the well-known rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains. The elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level is the highest altitude limit where plants can grow. That is, ordinary trees cannot survive in the uplands above 3,000 meters due to the hurricane-like winds and fierce cold.


    However, even there, there are trees that maintain life. Interestingly, the only trees existing above the timberline are called, “kneeling trees.” Because the winds are so violent, the trees are not able to grow vertically, but rather they grow horizontally in a stooped manner making it look like they are kneeling down. So, they thrive against the fierce cold and wind to maintain their life. Yet, violins that produce the best resonance in the world are violins made from these “kneeling trees.” The quality of the wood is more firm and durable than any other wood.



    Indians in the Indian Reservations


    A long time ago, the majority of Indian men were brave warriors. From their childhood they learn to ride horses, hunt, fish, and fight in battles. After Columbus discovered America, the Indians fought back bravely when the Europeans took over their territories. Although the guns, cannons and other weapons the white men had were no match for the Indians, their courage was more than enough to be a threat to white men. At that time, the American government couldn’t terminate the entire Indian population due to moral issues, but also couldn’t just leave their biggest threat alone. As a result, the troubled government set up Indian reservations and implemented a policy to give government aid to the Indians living in those regions.


    After that a considerable number of Indians came to live in the Indian reservations and received aid from the government, however, later on the majority of men who lost their courage became addicted to drugs and alcohol. The unemployment rate on the reservations is six times higher than the average unemployment rate of the United States.



    Pain, the Medicine for a Mature Heart


     “Everybody experiences failure in their lives. One might get disqualified for a job interview, lose a best friend, get an illness, or go terribly wrong with something. All of those failures bring pain in our hearts. That pain is a good medicine. Although it might be difficult to endure that pain, it will teach us a great lesson and redirect our lives towards the right path. Once one’s heart is humbled through pain, one will be more prone to listening to others and be able to freely talk about one’s heart. That person will surely live a blessed life. If might be good if one can avoid that path of failure, however, human beings are destined to experience pain whether it be a small or big failure if they go down the path of believing in themselves. One must properly learn from the pain received and turn away from the life of arrogance. If one’s arrogance persists, even after going through the pain, that person can only be a foolish person.” (Pastor Ock Soo Park, Tomorrow Column, July 2011, Vol. 8)



    Turning Point of Happiness


    Mind lecture expert, Pastor Ock Soo Park, talks about the turning point from the life of misfortune to the life of happiness through the story of the prodigal son in Luke chapter 15. He often advises saying that is not about the success and victory in life, but rather about the pain one experiences as a result of failure from a living a life by one’s own will. 

     “The prodigal son always lived a life thinking he was right, therefore he couldn’t open his heart toward his father who thought otherwise. Then, wanting to live a life as he pleased, he wasted all of the property handed down to him by his father and experienced great pain and misery. Upon realizing his foolishness, he returned to his father’s house in his dreadful image, and discovered for the first time the heart of his father who accepted him with open arms. It became the first time where the heart of the father flowed into the heart of the son. From then on, the joy, peace, and love also entered the heart of the son. Naturally the prodigal son had the heart to consider other people and the heart to sacrifice which changed his life so beautifully.”

    (Pastor Ock Soo Park, Tomorrow Column, July 2011 Vol. 8)






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