• Through the Heart of Jesus




    Hello Pastor!


    I’ve been with the church for quite some time, but I can see my heart flowing towards the direction of exalting myself, especially in front of the sisters. Actually there is one sister that I like. Perhaps that may be the reason why I am doing it even more. Also, I fall asleep so well during service. I don’t know why.

    I am attending an academic high school so I have a lot of burden when it comes to studying. Soon it will be time for finals, yet I don’t even know what to do… I even had the thought of skipping church to focus on my studies. I don’t even know what it means to study by faith. If I continue on like this, I feel like something is going to happen to me.

    Pastor, I am earnestly requesting fellowship.

    From now on I hope that I can share fellowship with you through email.

    Thank you.




    To the student brother,


    I give in the name of the Lord.

    All of our thoughts depend on the condition of our heart. Our original heart flows towards the direction of sin because Satan is leading our hearts. However, when we receive salvation and dwell in the grace of the Holy Spirit, we can only go towards the heart of the Lord. Truthfully, even though I say I have received salvation and that I am living for the gospel, I too upset the Lord at times as I fall into Satan’s temptations. When I was in the army, the Lord allowed me to read the bible and gave me the time to pray in a situation where that was impossible. At that time I was tempted in all sorts of ways, but I did not want to upset the Lord through any of that. After being discharged from the army with that kind of heart, I was able to continually serve God. May God’s heart be inside of you so that you are able to live a life of pleasing God rather than serving your flesh. Thank you.

    -Pator Ock Soo Park



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