Good News Mission

Good News Mission is

Guided by the word “ye are the light of the world; the salt of the earth”, this mission has been the frontrunner in resolving the problems of darkness and sin in the world through the gospel. As a result in the new millennium, the mission has been selected as the ‘Grand Prize Winner of the Best Church’ and the ‘Exemplary Church of Korea’. Now, at the time when the Korean churches have become corrupt, strained with church heresy and embezzlement, this mission is in the spotlight as the ‘frontrunner of church reform’. The evangelical conferences, camps, mission work through publication and broadcasting transcend church denominations to witness the pure gospel to those in pain due to sin. The mission leads those in pain to experience the forgiveness of sin and being born again. They then live new lives with true peace and happiness. The word, “ye shall be witnesses unto me unto the uttermost part of the earth”, has guided the mission to dispatch over 300 missionaries to roughly 80 countries around the world in addition to mission work in Korea. Meeting the new millennium, the mission dispatched around 3500 short-term missionaries worldwide. Pastor Ock Soo Park’s ‘Notes on Genesis’ appeared as a published series in the New York Times, following the LA Times in the United States and in the Chosun, Donga and JoongAng Daily in Korea.

Beginning of the Good News Mission

In August 1954, Norman Grubb, the President of the WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) International Mission of the United Kingdom was shocked by the realities of the churches in Korea. Then in 1956, Kelas Case was dispatched as the missionary to Korea and in 1962, Missionary Derek Earl was dispatched. United with other saved missionaries such as Dick York (Shield of Faith Mission, United States), Marlon Baker (Christians in Action, United States), and Harry Wyman (Christian Literature Crusade, United Kingdom), a missionary school was established for the evangelization of Korea. Pastor Ock Soo Park, who was the first class graduate of this missionary school, was anointed pastor by Missionary Dick York in 1971. Pastor Ock Soo Park became responsible for this missionary school in 1973 on behalf of the missionaries who returned home. This missionary school marked the beginning of the mission. Remaining steadfast to the pure gospel and leading the church reform movement, there were disputes over heresy from the churches that preached a spoiled gospel. But in June 2004, the Presbyterian Church of Korea, the united alliance of around 120 church denominations, made the final decree after thorough investigation that ‘this is a mission based upon the Bible and emphasizes true repentance’.

Ministers of the Good News Mission

This mission adheres to the stringent rule of strictly selecting its ministers based on the image of the true servant of God; exemplary, according to the Bible and the history of Christianity. The mission only recruits students based on the condition of their spiritual life and their call from God. Accordingly, the mission’s theology school became the training organ of the mission’s ministers. Through the process of thorough training based on living the spiritual life according to the Bible and evangelical witnessing, only those seen to be proper as ministers are dispatched for mission work in Korea and abroad. The ministers are anointed as pastors when the gift of ministry is seen through their mission work. Their lives are based on complete devotion to the gospel without any private ownership or wealth. Years after being dispatched to a mission site, the ministers are transferred to a new location in order to lead them to return to the pure hearts they had when they first began their ministry in order to continue their ministry in a new church. There are a total of 600 ministers in this mission of whom 300 serve as overseas missionaries and the rest serve as ministers and pastors in Korean churches.

Churches of the Good News Mission

The management of churches in this mission is based on cooperation between the executive and the saints serving in the duties that existed in the early churches: ministers, elders, deacons, and teachers. Services are held Sunday Morning (10:00AM), Sunday Evening (7:30PM), and Wednesday Evening (7:30PM). There are also Regional Services, Men’s Meetings, Ladies’ Meetings, Youth Meetings, Students’ Meetings, Sunday School, Executive Meetings, and Teachers’ Meetings. Prayer meetings are held in the early morning every day, and all night prayer and fasting and prayer are held whenever needed. In summer and winter, camps are held for 5 days and 4 nights for the duration of a couple of weeks in the retreat centers in Gangneung and Gimchun. Camps for college students, as well as middle and high school students, are held separately every year. Offerings in forms of tithes or offering of thanks are given as closed offerings without any written names. Special offerings are given by volunteers for church construction and conferences. Monthly financial income and spending reports are open to all saints. Currently there are a total of 300 churches in Korea and 300 churches abroad in this mission.

Please refer to the Mission Website, for further details.